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Chloe Vasseghi

ODFC has had an impact on my life that I will never be able to explain in words, partly because I can hardly even remember life before it.

Less than a year ago when I started, I wouldn’t call myself a shy person but definitely someone who lacked confidence. I had always struggled with my weight and enjoyed sports however these two didn’t really go hand in hand and by the time I got to uni I didn’t even have the confidence to join sports teams or gyms.

On my first session I was greeted by Gary who made me feel instantly at ease and after the session was over I had realised that this was the way I could make a real go of becoming the person I wanted to be- healthy and happy. 

Everyone was so friendly and in no way judgmental of my level of fitness (which by the way was zero). Throughout the year I have changed so much physically and mentally that people don’t even recognise me anymore. I haven’t morphed into a fitness freak by any stretch of the imagination and this is not the ethos of ODFC, it’s something that is sustainable for anyone of any ability and that’s what I love about it.

All I have to do it turn up – I know that once I’m in that car park I have the support of great instructors and fellow ODFC’ers and that’s why I come back. 

Even though I swear, complain, and cheat I couldn’t be more grateful to ODFC for allowing me to enjoy fitness in a way I never thought I could. 


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