1. Waiting for the perfect time

Waiting for the perfect time to start a new focus on training is always going to delay your start. The truth is you just have to get on with it. Waiting for your ducks to line will always end in very little getting done. Wrong time, wrong day, wrong weather – all wrong answers. Get out there and get stuff done.

2. Thinking you need lots of new kit

TV ads, social media, and magazine advertising will have you believe you need all new Gucci kit to train. The latest tech, new trackies or Carlos Fandango top of the range trainers.

The truth, I’m guessing, is you need nothing that you don’t already have. Why go out and spend a small fortune on kit you’re going to get hot a sweaty in? Of all the ‘must haves’ your footwear is important and will help in the long run, but for now, get established in what you already have.

3. Not making a plan

Failing to plan, is planning to fail, yada yada yada. Chances are though, this is even more true if you are trying to fit something in that feels hard and as such needs very little encouragement to side step. What do I mean by this is? 

After the honeymoon period of this new found craze, anything that draws you away from doing it may appear more appealing than actually doing it.

Like, on your way to train, you realise you need milk and bread. End result is you head to Tescos and sack off training. If you had planned your food for the week this wouldn’t have happened.  Many people find exercising in the morning before your brain wakes up and life gets in the way gets over this hurdle.

4. Doing too much, too soon

When we are 18 and train, our bodies are a bit more forgiving and don’t kick and scream so much if we take up a new activity. But most of the people reading this post are 18 + some VAT and consequently, when we train our bodies let us know.

The after effects of training are called DOMS in the fitness world. These can be a pleasant ‘return on investment’ that your body gives you to let you know that you are doing “some” good.

But go at it ‘hammer and tong’ and these will firstly cripple you for days, secondly may cause longterm damage, and thirdly put you off doing anything for a good while.

By which time, you’ve lost interest and are reading articles on age onset diabetes in the latest copy of good housekeeping. Start slowly, know you have limits, listen to your body and maybe ask people who know about these things (me)?!?

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5. Giving up because the plan doesn’t stick

I have used this term many times over the years since leaving the military – ‘No plan withstands first contact’. In this the military refer to military operations going haywire once the rounds start coming in-bound.

The best laid plans need adjusting and adapting when so many different factors are in play. This is the same mindset you need when thinking about life and more importantly the new life you want, including some time to train.

Work, home life, family and friends, all demand a little bit of you, and sometimes you have to give it.  If this happens and life gets in the way of your best laid plan, don’t stress.  Like a good soldier, adapt and overcome, don’t give up! Jiggle things. 

If you’d planned an hour at the gym and now don’t have it, grab 20 minutes for an online session.  If you had a long run planned but have a niggle in your leg, do some mobility. Just adapt and focus on WHAT YOU CAN DO, not what you can’t.

6. Ignoring injuries 

If you do get a niggle or injury, get it sorted sooner rather than later. It’s a bit like having a leak in your roof. If you ignore it, it’s not likely to repair itself.  It’s more than likely to become worse.

Now if you are a roofer, get your ladders out and go fix it. But, on the off chance you aren’t a roofer, get the professionals in. Same for injuries. On that point, you wouldn’t send a plumber to fix your roof, make sure you get the right person to do the right job.

Be it a physiotherapist, chiropractor, personal trainer, chiropodist, and so on. All of which, like a good roofer, you can normally find by recommendations!

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7. Not eating right

Most people start exercise to lose the chub and to get a bit fitter. We as a nation are slowly becoming lazier and in turn fatter. Now I run a fitness company, ODFC Fitness, we run outdoor fitness classes for all abilities, unfit and very fit, no one target audience in the population. 

We have ultra marathon runners and mums of three returning to exercise now the kids have grown up. Anyone can come to get fit with us and if you stick at it you will get fitter and healthier by training with us.

But, and it’s a big BUT, you can train 3, 4 or 5 times a week, and we get the best out of everyone, but if you are still then going home and filling your face with poor quality food, there is a good chance you will remain a fitter fat person.

To make positive changes to not only your fitness levels, but also your waistline, you have to change your eating and drinking habits FACT. You CANNOT out-train a poor diet.

8. Not seeking advice from professionals

Choose what you want to do and find someone who can help you do it. We spend £££££ on educating ourselves to help people achieve their goals. We are masters in motivation, dispensing years of knowledge and truth nuggets to our clients.

So why listen to Brian down the pub, who is doing the latest cabbage diet and 30,000 steps a day “celeb” plan? When you see Derek on Coronation Street, you can then start to follow the Deirdre Barlow 30 day program, until then, let her act and me and Deka will keep you fit and healthy.

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9. Thinking you need to get fit/lose weight to start a class or join a gym

Insane as it sounds, people frequently say this to me “oh bootcamp, yeah sounds great, but I need to be fit to do that.” What utter tripe that is.

There is a reason ODFC Fitness has been doing bootcamp fitness classes in Jesmond for over 20 years, our instructors have over 50 years experience between us. The reason is, we know what we are doing and we are very good at it.

We AREN’T a quick fix 6 week weight loss fad plan. We are specialists in delivering fun, firm, effective fitness classes for all abilities, and when I say all I mean ALL.

As mentioned prior we have a very diverse section of fitness levels in every single class, that is one of the greatest appeals to our clients. Mixed abilities, that would never meet or mix in a gym in and around Newcastle.

Our community is better together, stronger because we are all different but bring a lot to each session. We have each others backs, we laugh, cry and strive to achieve more together.

10. Doing it alone

Don’t do it alone, unless 1. You know what you are doing and 2. You are very self motivated and disciplined. People who exercise in group training, like we offer, not only improve the physical well being but also, get a greater return in mental health.

We are a pack animal, we like company, we try harder in a group dynamic. We want to help others as well as ourselves achieve. All of this is achieved in an hour of group exercise.

Why would you choose to run on a treadmill, with headphones on, watching the news on a loop? Group exercise will always deliver on many levels so much more than prancing around on any cardio kit of single plain machines in an air conditioned, false light, environment that mainstream gyms offer. 

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Biased as I am, group exercise classes outdoors in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle Quayside, Exhibition Park or Leazes Park, will always win hands down to going it alone or joining an indoor gym for a 12 month membership.

The group dynamic, the environment we train in, the different elements the weather conditions bring all combine to make the perfect theatre where goals are achieved whilst having a whole lot of fun.

Not sure, even after all that? Book a call, I am happy to chat with you about any concerns you may have.