After completing a selection course for the Royal Marines Commando’s, I had a 4 month wait until the start of training. I had got fed up and bored of using the gym, using the same equipment, same machines, same workouts, in the same soulless chain gym full of poser’s and ‘ Certified Personal Trainers’ who are self titled after doing a few weeks in a “How to work in a gym and copy ideas off youtube” course, telling me what I needed to do or how to train.

After a google search and look on odfc facebook, I decided something new was needed to keep me motivated. I spoke to Gaz and told him my goals and I never looked back. I took a few months block booking and attended as many sessions as I could, as the variety of locations, the different types of classes, and the variety of times meant no workout was the same. It was enjoyable and at the same time my fitness and conditioning improved without it feeling like it was a chore. Gaz has a proven track record and uses his expert knowledge in getting the results and knowing how and when to push people to motivate them. The circuits and Jesmond Dene/Exhibition Park bootcamps were exactly the type of physical training I experience through training…albeit without as much sleep deprivation, swearing or the attractive ladies who attend the sessions

During my 32 weeks basic training, on my easter and summer leave I still attended Gaz’s sessions just to make sure my fitness did not dip and kept me ticking over to hit the ground running when I went back down to training.

After completing the most arduous, gruelling and physically demanding military training in the world, I still come to ODFC for a good workout knowing I will be blowing my lungs out and my heart rate will definitly be beating fast!

Whether you are aspiring to join the forces, attempting an ironman, or simply to work up a sweat in the great outdoors and enjoy the social side with likeminded people, it doesn’t matter what fitness levels people are at, what goals people have set, what shape or size you are, as far as I am concerned…ODFC can’t be beaten