It was 7 years ago since I did my first taster session in the Dene, as many know I didn’t think I would make it through the warm up, but I met some great people who kept me going and they motivated me to come back.

From then on I was hooked, now not only to I attend over 10 bootcamp sessions a week but also complement my training with a weekly PT session from Derek (one of ODFCs instructors) to keep me on track.

As many know I have been through some significant life changes in my time at ODFC and the friends I made have helped me through, ODFC is more than a Bootcamp it is a fit family and with the added activities, coffee clubs and socials you really do built some amazing friendships

Thanks to all of the above I have not only been able to achieve many fitness goals, including taking part in the 2019 GNR but also maintained my initial 2 stone weight loss over the past 4 years.

ODFC is an amazing place to train and even when the country went into lockdown it couldn’t stop ODFC and thanks to the great work from both Gary and Derek, we all went online.

With over 10 live Zoom classes a week, Deka’s daily work out, running challenges and a weekly quiz, we have all embraced the new way to do things and kept each other going through the tough times.

With the help of ODFC and some amazing friends, even in lockdown we are/were all still able to keep fit and healthy.