I joined ODFC in early 2015 after my husband dragged me along to a Charity Bootcamp session, but unfortunately a couple of months later I was involved in an accident where I was knocked off my road bike.

The next few months were spent recovering from my injuries with the help of physio, but in that time I was piling on the pounds, losing my fitness, flexibility and my mind.

When I felt it was the right time to ease myself back into exercise I noticed that ODFC were offering a six week Regainz course. Just what I needed!

It was back to basics, getting to grips with correct form, kettlebells, introduction to TRX and High Intensity, going at a pace that I was comfortable with that allowed me to slowly improve my strength and fitness week on week.

Although I wasn’t 100% after completing the course, I was starting to feel like my old self again and started back at the Bootcamps eventually introducing some of the unit classes like Strength and Conditioning and ZLine.

With the help of Gary, the instructors and the ODFC members, I believe their support and encouragement have certainly assisted in my rehabilitation, and even if I’m the one at the back of the group I just have to think about how far I’ve come!

ODFC is tailored to your goals, so whatever that might be, weight loss, fitness or recovery, these guys are here to help!”