I just wanted to write a few words to thank ODFC for what I consider to be the best year I’ve ever had sporting wise. I joined the group around a year ago as a regular runner, swimmer and some time cyclist, partly to see how it helped my overall fitness and partly on the advice of my physio who had identified a couple of weaknesses that would benefit from strength and conditioning training.

Looking back on the year now I’ve completed two marathons (and got an official Good for Age time of 3.13 in the second one), the Isoman triathlon (7 mile swim, 62 mile ride and a marathon), Breca Buttermere swimrun (6k swim and 38k trail run), Lakes in a day ultramarathon (50 miles) and The Cheviot Goat Ultramarathon (55 miles). Over the year with ODFC I’ve hit two sessions per week and actually reduced the amount of running and swim training I would have done as I now run and swim on average just twice a week of each to train for these events. I haven’t suffered with a single injury of any significance despite being 44 and having had years of niggling problems and my shorter distance run and swim times have also improved.

The coaching is first class and the friendliness and vibrancy amongst the groups makes you want to get back to do more sessions. Whatever the level you’re currently at in terms of fitness and competition you really need ODFC in your life and these sessions are now the core of all of my training. Go with the old saying and make your training quality over quantity and get rid of the hours of junk miles and replace them with some first class targeted sessions with Gary and the team.