Way back when I had turned 40, I looked at the photos and decided there was no way I could stay that size and determined I wouldn’t be like that for 50.

I tried many diets, fads, pills, shakes, you name it and thousands of gym memberships, fitness classes and I even tried Zumba once, but it never seemed to happen. We were running our own business from home and I was rushing about doing all sorts of tasks and I found it hard. 

I had three kids all young and I couldn’t keep up with them. Really very embarrassing.  One day after printing a mountain of leaflets I drove up to the distributor who had a unit under the railway arches.  You could never get parked and I had to haul boxes up that hill and noticed a van parked outside one of the units with ODFC on the side and  I think a picture of some fit people training. 

It crossed my mind I should try it and I popped my head in the door of the unit.  To my horror there were two guys alone in there, one trainer and one client.  I apologised and said I had the wrong place as seeing him being put through his paces was something I thought I would NEVER achieve. 

I did note the name though and went home for further research.  It was summer and lovely weather and I thought it would be ok outside doing this thing called bootcamp…but still too scared to have a go it was actually a miserable cold rainy October Monday morning I embarked on my first session.  That was the beginning. 

Everybody was amazing, they made me feel so welcome and the trainers put me through my paces gaining an accurate assessment of what my level was (SO LOW) and pushed and encouraged me every single step of the way.  I don’t remember if I moaned and whinged and said the forbidden words ‘I can’t’ in those early days, but I soon became aware that they were there for us! And yes it is hard work you have to put it in to reap rewards but I was immediately aware that if I did want this I was in the right place. 

Don’t get me wrong I was no stranger to the gym, or metafit or weights classes.  But this is entirely different, I had never had such a personal input in my fitness journey for a gym instructor, even if 30 people turned up everybody had a level and everybody trained at that level it might take me half the session to get up the hill I’ve been sent up but guaranteed somebody else was just as shattered after doing it ten times.

With Gary or Derek or whoever took the class giving everyone individual pointers, feedback and instruction.  So stick with it I did and eventually the changes were real. 

The ODFC family are responsible for helping change my life, my body weight, shape and even mindset and mental health.  All improved by having ODFC in my life. Couldn’t’ recommend or thank them enough. Oh and they are pretty sociable too so if I have a blip and gain a pound or two not only have they helped put that on they make sure you’re at class and get it back off! Massive thanks for the past six years.