To get the most out of your training, the best bang for your buck, it’s worth knowing your zones and what they deliver. At ODFC Fitness we use marketing leading tech myzone to help us achieve this. This allows us to monitor, from near or far, our clients and the zones they are training. This also helps us introduce challenges based on points scored for exercising.

What benefit do you get from certain zones? Below we will try and help you with a basic insight into what you will feel and what benefit this will bring. We will refer to the myzone colours and zone setting but this can be applied to any tech you may use.

Grey Zone 0 – 59% Max Heart Rate

None training zone, this is just you going through normal daily activity and will deliver a very low training return.

Blue Zone 60 – 69% Max Heart Rate

The blue zone should feel easy, it’s a great intensity level for recovery days, or early on in starting exercise in the warm up. You should feel like you could maintain this zone intensity for a decent period of time.

The main energy provider in the zone is fat, but the energy burn level will be low. 90% Fat burn with a low 10% ish Carbs

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Green Zone 70 – 79% Max Heart Rate

OK, warm up is over, you are now in the zone to train and get benefits. You will be glowing at this stage, warm to touch and slightly sweaty. You’re able to talk in sentences without having to take breaks at the end of each sentence. The heart and lungs are pumping a a steady tempo, you know you’re training.

In this zone you will be upping the carbs burn but fat is still a main provider of energy. Fat at 70% and Carbs around the 30% mark.

Yellow Zone 80 – 89% Max Heart Rate

On a 1 to 10 you are now up at the 8 outta 10. The glow has gone, you are now flashing like a belisha beacon, get outta my way, coming through kind of exercise intensity. In the zone, the happy hormones are buzzing and you know it, you’re feeling Tony the Tiger, greaattt! If you could speak in sentences you would be telling people how well you’re doing and how you are loving this sesh.

40% Fat 60% Carbs, if you’re lucky. Even more carbs in the upper region. The huge benefit here though is you shredding carbs and fat in high amount. An hour in this zone and you are looking at 600 – 700 cals an hour.

Red Zone 90 – 100% Max Heart Rate

This being red, it’s hot, you don’t want to be and nor should you be able to, stay in this zone for very long. You aren’t taking in air, you aren’t coping well, you want to be out of here rapido.

Anaerobic (with air) is a short burst area to train. Sprinting over a short distance, fragging it up a hill, but 30 seconds it’s done! Think Linford over 100 meter sprint.

Zero Fat, all Carb, high octane, fight or flight, aviation fuel, short burst internal fuel systems in play, no time to burn fat. You can’t and won’t stay in this zone, if your device is set up right!

For myzone users here is the company line on what to expect. The device will update automatically to try and get you in the right zone. However, human intervention is required should you be spending long periods in the red zone. You will need it adjusting down to get you recording the correct results.

If you train at a higher intensity for longer than 40 seconds, then the myzone magic kicks in and updates the belt. This is a great sign you and your heart are getting fitter, well done.

If you are interested in training in some beautiful green space, Jesmond Dene exercise classes, awesome gym sessions in our private outdoor gym space called BaseCamp. Leazes park early morning bootcamp sessions and Newcastle Quayside group exercise sessions. Over 50 classes a week, all mixed ability. Fun, firm, military style exercise classes. Give us a call, drop us a line, and book a 10 minute call if needed.

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