5:2 diet, Keto diet, lettuce leaf diet, smoothie diet, fresh air diet, no eating after 6pm diet, don’t eat this eat that diet, lift heavy, don’t lift heavy do more cardio, weigh yourself every day, don’t weigh yourself every day….. all of these I’ve tried and the the correct answer is actually Eat well, balanced lifestyle, ODFC!!, stop obsessing and just keep going!

It has taken me 11 years to finally find some balance and happiness with myself although I’ve still a way to go I have learnt loads about myself! There is too much information out there, and too much pressure on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. I am beginning to learn that it is not about being skinny and a low number on the scale, but it is about feeling good both mentally and physically and feeling healthier! I honestly believe after going to 14 different gyms ODFC has without a doubt been the best for my fitness journey and mental health thanks to Gary, Derek, and everyone that goes for keeping me going and pushing me!

Obsessing over being so slim with a goal of simply loosing weight unfortunately back fired on me resulting in me gaining a full 7 stone!!!! (Yes that is true and I looked like a huge jam sponge cake) I am now just over 4 stone less, with a goal to be happy and healthy, and exercising because it makes me feel good!

Lessons learnt: do what makes you happy, focus on you and stop listening to what everyone else and social media is trying to do, I’m very all or nothing and have learnt that one ruined day doesn’t have to be one ruined week! Quit pressuring yourself, & Most importantly go to ODFC and just keep trying!!!! Love you odfc! Love Lisa lou xxxxx