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As well as the wide range of health benefits when you join ODFC, there are also a number of partners we work with who offer additional benefits to our members.


OK, we know we are great at group training, but for some joining a group class can be quite daunting and we understand.

So with a depth of knowledge and expertise matched by no other training provider in the North East, we are able to offer pre-start personal training with from a team of excellent personal trainers, be it weight loss, muscle mass or return to exercise post baby even general health happiness and well being, we have a personal trainer that can take you under their educated wing and guide you to the better healthier you, you wish to be.

Rates starting from as little as £30 per session when you buy in bulk helping you achieve everything you want and more.

Sessions can be tailored and cater for up to 6 people, splitting the cost.


Newcastle’s chain of ‘Start’ shops are the regions most highly regarded fitness chains.

Located at 33-35 Market Street in the heart of Newcastle and run by Linda, Start Fitness are by far the best supplier of running shoes in the North East, with the biggest team of professionals to ensure you get the right shoe to suit your running style. Anything from clothing to heart rate monitors, trainers to trail shoes, they have it all.

Mention ODFC Fitness and show your membership card to receive the best service and some discount if available.

Don’t stop there though, nip next door into Start Cycles if you need anything from a new bike to cycling helmets and anything bike related. Paul and his team are always on hand for top draw advice on what to spend your money on when it comes to cycling.

Newly opened Start Outdoors is across the road if you need anything camping and trekking related.

We send you here because of the service and selection, but always mention ODFC Fitness as you never know what it may get you.


Marie Burton and her team of chiropractors have been looking after ODFC Fitness clients for many years.

With a no nonsense approach and depth of knowledge in many different fields, including pre/post-natal and Pilates, we believe her services are second to none; you’ll only truly understand what they do and just how good they are until you’ve hurt your back.

Having trained with ODFC Fitness in the past the team have an inside knowledge on our methods allowing them to treat you quicker and more efficiently than other Chiropractors in the region.

Provide proof of your membership to ODFC Fitness and receive 25% off your initial consultation.

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