Landmine Drill, complex and effective.

Weight training isn’t just necessary if you want to build the biggest muscles possible. Unfortunately, the bodybuilding world is associated the most with resistance training, which turns many people off. And while we are here let’s just squash one of the biggest myths ever ladies “ Lifting weights will make me bulky” it is just not true at all as you do not have the hormones and testosterone levels to just bulk up, in fact resistance training does just the opposite and gives you the lean toned look.

The truth is, whether you need to lose 100 pounds, 10 pounds or just want to gain some functional lean muscle and keep those results, weight training is essential.
We need to get out of our head the idea that our actual training sessions are burning fat. This just isn’t how it works. You can do all the burpees, crawl, hop, skip, get yelled at, and roll around on a gym floor you want…

It isn’t going to make you burn any more fat if you’re diet is poor (that’s a subject for another day) and your technique is bad, we all know that person that trains twice a day 7 days a week but yet never has a lot to show for it.

You need to exercise to build and preserve lean muscle so you can ensure that when you lose weight through proper nutrition portions, most of the weight loss is coming from actual body fat.
Doing just cardio based training in conjunction with restricting calories too much will result in losing muscle and not give you the desired toned look and therefore the weight will also go back on quicker and easier and when you do lose the weight just through cardio yes you may lose some weight but your body will be the same shape.

The thing is with weight training it will increase your metabolism and you are burning calories for up to 48 hours after a session, incredible right!
Not only that when you weight train with correct technique you will see a huge improvement in posture, core strength, muscular balance and probably see a decrease in those achy knees, hips and back.

Here is the thing you can’t just do any old moves with a light pair of dumbbells. You need to focus on big compound exercises that work all the large muscle groups for maximum results. Think squats, Presses, Pushes, Pulls, Rows & Lunges.

If you are not sure where to start with these exercises then at ODFC Fitness we have you covered, with our outdoor purpose built gym in Jesmond we have all the equipment and set up needed to get you lifting weights correctly and with the right intensity to get incredible results. No more waiting for Arnie to finish with the weights bench or looking over at the free weights area in fear.

Written By Ashley Paynton, a coach at ODFC Fitness and highly effective personal trainer.