It was in 2015 that I first saw a Groupon for a bootcamp. After exhausting trying the gym I thought I would give it a go and it’s that Groupon deal that has changed my life!

In 2017 I decided to have a break when I got pregnant with my beautiful little boy. I put on a lot of weight and after an emergency c section and hiding myself away, I lost my confidence. After seeing the photos of my little boy’s christening (the photo on the left), I decided that it was time to do something about it and after a chat with Gary, I returned to training 20 weeks after having my c section.

I gradually built up what I could do, my exercises were differentiated and every step of the way I was supported, encouraged and reassured by Gary, Derek and everyone at ODFC Fitness. That’s the thing about ODFC, it’s not just a fantastic bootcamp, it’s a community and I have made wonderful friends that have given me so much encouragement, advice, a smile and a hug when it was needed!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the team challenges that have strengthened all of this, as well at PT sessions with Gary. I have learned more about myself in the last 2 and a half years than ever before. I have become educated about nutrition too and I am now feeling fitter, stronger and healthier. I have learned that actually I can!

I have lost almost 3 stone so far and I am now confident that I can achieve my goal weight. It all started off as a weight loss goal, but after learning so much I also want to be healthier, fitter and stronger for my family and to set a positive example for my son. Thanks to Gary, Derek and everyone at ODFC.