Start Weight 105kg – Current Weight 75kg.

1/2 Marathon Time at the start 2 hours 18 minutes. Improved Time: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

Before university I was fairly active played most sports undertook Sports and Science at college, had the knowledge of healthy living and exercise but never applied it to life until halfway through my time at ODFC. Went to uni where I spent most of my time binge drinking and eating cheap takeaways. I found university one of the biggest challenges, spending long hours on buses for placements in Newcastle from middlesbrough, 0 energy to exercise or make meals resulted in piling on the weight upto around 105kg at my heaviest which continued in my first year following university.

Using excuses such as 12 hour shifts and nights as a reason not to exercise and follow healthy eating. I hit a wall, felt miserable. Couldn’t do anything I used to be able to do which was when I decided I needed to sort myself out before it was too late. Before university I did a bootcamp in Scarborough which I knew worked its what I enjoyed which was when I came across ODFC.

Initially I struggled with the consistency at ODFC until very recently the training and support provided by Gary and Derek is next level. Pushed beyond limits you would never find and is hands down the best training I have ever done even more so now basecamp has arrived. The atmosphere and support you find from everyone else in classes is what spurs you on to improve and become the best you can!